Everyone deserves to be happy.
It's time we take care of our minds.

We’re here to support you with care when you need it. Support groups, therapeutic journaling, and behavioural health coaching.

An app built by medical professionals &the voices of people experiencing mental health conditions

Never feel alone or unheard again


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Disconnect from negative thoughts and feelings to live your life to its fullest potential.

Wellness Coach


Have someone to lean on for anonymous support and guidance. Build a deeper understanding of yourself by journaling your thoughts and feelings.

Validating Support Groups


You are never alone and you never have to feel like you are. Connect with people in the same boat as you to learn from and support each other.



Going to a support group can be overwhelming. Feel comfortable staying 100% anonymous in a safe moderated environment.

Gamified, De-stigmatized


You do not deserve to feel scared and neglected. Get the care you need in a fun and friendly ecosystem.



We are always here for you. Our platform is designed to offer you the comfort of consistency with an autonomous ecosystem.

Honest Connections: Inspired by traditional support groups

Connect with someone who truly gets it.

Yes, this is normal. You are not alone. Find someone who relates with your experience. Walk with each other on your mental health journey.

Create a connection request by filling out a simple form
Get your match with someone who is in a similar situation
Attend your session with a moderator
Empathy notes: interactive, therapeutic journaling

Reflect, journal and experience tangible change.

Use expert designed journaling prompts to unpack what's bothering you. Receive feedback and guidance from a wellness coach. We hold your hands from start to finish.

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I would love to bring your solution to my patients

Kevin kokaska
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This is so useful for our callers

Canadian mental health association
Partner since 2020
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So much thought, effort and genuine kindness shines through this app

Erin peters

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