Chirag Jadhwani

Chirag Jadhwani


Chirag is devoted to delivering value to clients, striving to perfect solutions and solve problems


As an entrepreneur and web media producer, I am passionate about solving societal problems through entrepreneurship and innovation. My career started with my YouTube channel when I was 12 years old, reaching an audience of 60,000 people. Since then, I have carried my entrepreneurial mindset to various roles in Government, academia, and ventures. You can read more about my work here -

Currently building Honest Empathy, democratizing access to mental healthcare 💜

Some highlights -
- Our podcast receives 1000+ downloads every month in over 20 countries
- Software delivered by my teams have impacted over 4000 people
- Revolutionizing healthcare with AI so people can get care without worrying about money, stigma, anything

I also teach computer science at high schools in Vancouver. Excited to hear your story 💜

At Honest Empathy since 2020

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