Project Coordinator role😊

We value folks who empathize with people's problems, creatively build solutions, and go above and beyond in helping others. We have built an innovative technology, that solves major problems faced by folks trying to seek care. Our product has received support and traction from the healthcare and technology community - And we are thrilled to welcome a new member to our family!

You will be an essential member of our operations team and lead the execution of our non-profit portfolio. The Angel Dream Initiative is our fleet of non-profit projects, aimed at developing mental healthcare solutions specialized for folks living in developing countries.

You will... 

- Be a defining member in Honest Empathy's mission of helping folks to never feel alone or unheard again. Mental Health is Essential Health

- Harness your creativity to understand how our solutions can help folks in developing countries

- Employ your soft skills in relationship-building and business analysis - to engage and deliver solutions for our partners abroad

- Develop assets to support the implementation of the Angel Dream Initiative

You will gain...

- Sharpen and build new skills in relationship-building, agile project management and product design. With our partners, we have built a comprehensive training program. Plus, we offer one-on-one mentorship with industry leaders so you feel supported and grow in your journey.

- A unique experience working for one of the fastest-growing socially-driven ventures at UBC

- The opportunity to have your voice and ideas implemented in a product innovating mental healthcare and bringing care to people

Honest Empathy is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity. One of our goals is to help close the gender gap in the tech and business industry. We also encourage folks starting their careers to apply!
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