Privacy Policy and Safety TL;DR

Empathy Notes 
For Version 1.0 of Empathy Notes our AI - Emely is still in development, therefore we are using certified professionals to act in Emely’s place. However, in no situation will your identity be disclosed. Throughout the entire journaling process you are kept completely anonymous as the only thing seen will be your username.

Before you save a journal entry, you will have the option to disable sending it to Emely. If you choose to continue using Emely however, then we will use your journal entry in the following ways:

Your journal entry will be kept completely anonymous and sent out to Emely for you to participate in the feedback-loop. This feedback-loop includes mental-wellness insights and reflection, through open ended questions, directly in your entry. 

We will also use your anonymous journal entry and the data within the feedback loop to train our AI in the future.

We will have general statistics to keep track of which parts of our application are the most popular and which do not receive much attention. This will help us enhance the user experience and update certain areas based on user feedback.

Lastly, we will be asking you for feedback on your experience with our feedback loop and storing it anonymously, which we will also use to enhance your experience.

Honest Connections
For Version 1.0 of Honest Connections we will again, in no situation, disclose your identity. Throughout the entire connections process, you are kept completely anonymous to everyone. Anything done or said during the connection is not stored whatsoever. The only thing seen will be your username.
You do however, have the option to have a moderator monitor your call for any concerns with safety. If you choose to use this feature, the moderator will not have any access to your identity and is only there for safety purposes.

While you are connecting we will be using your submissions in the following ways:

We will use your preference selections and in order to match you with someone that has similar responses.

We will store your selection history and responses to feedback anonymously and only use it to create more accurate connections.

We will also use your email to send GatherTown (meeting room) links but this will still be done anonymously.

The more detailed version...

Honest Empathy's Privacy and Safety Policy