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We value folks who empathize with people's problems, creatively build solutions, and go above and beyond in helping others. We have built an innovative technology, that solves major problems faced by folks trying to seek care. Our product has received support and traction from the healthcare and technology community - And we are thrilled to welcome a new member to our family!

A Peer Coach is an essential member of our product research team responsible for providing a feedback loop to the users of Honest Empathy. A feedback loop consists of facilitating reflection within the users by asking open-ended questions or by providing positive affirmations. A Peer Coach Volunteer will also be responsible for moderating calls that take place within Honest Connections to ensure that both users remain safe.

We have built a comprehensive training program, built by our in-house psychology professionals and partners, to prepare you for the role and set you up for success in future roles involving healthcare or human behavior.

You are… 

Empathetic and are able to put yourself in the shoes of others who may be going through a difficult time  to understand them. 

- Open-minded and professional. This service is meant to help people cope with anxiety, OCD, or depression so it is crucial that you are able to remain open-minded and approach all situations objectively without letting your personal thoughts or feelings cloud your judgement.

- Non-judgmental. You will be supporting a diverse group of people who have their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Furthermore, they may be dealing with things that you have never heard about, therefore it is important to remain judgement-free while creating the feedback loop. 

You will…

Work at least 2 hours a week supporting users of Honest Empathy. Read through user’s journal entries and provide support through a feedback loop. Moderate Honest Connection calls if users ask to ensure that the calls remain safe.

You will gain…

- A recommendation letter given that you finish your volunteer term of a minimum of 3 months. 

-Training from experts in counselling, psychology, and business 

- First-hand experience in mental wellness

- Skills on how to communicate with users that are going through various stages of their life and mental health situations 

The nature of this service is sensitive so you must keep everything you read or hear confidential.
Honest Empathy is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity. One of our goals is to help close the gender gap in the tech and business industry. We also encourage folks starting their careers to apply!
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