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Solving Isolation in Communities across Canada 🍁


First responders to curing isolation in communities

Compelling research has exposed the extent of social isolation in our communities across North America. Being socially isolated has been associated with substance abuse, depression, suicide, Alzheimer's disease, poor immune system, increased blood pressure, heart disease and stress. Research by AARP Public Policy Institute showed social isolation has cost taxpayers an additional >5 Billion USD in federal spending.

Our support groups are simple, effective and de-stigmatized: connecting folks in a safe, moderated environment. Our technology is optimized to connect people across Canada, completely anonymous to each other. Our cutting-edge research in machine learning matches people bound to find meaning and validation through their honest connection.

A completely anonymous platform accessible to citizens

Program Pillars

Support Groups

Our innovative platform accessible to citizens on their smartphones and computers. It is completely ananoymous, prioritizing the safety of users and efficacy of validating support groups.


Struggling to find a good therapist is not a problem anymore. Our users can choose a practitioner on our booking page, select an appointment and that's it! The best part - users decide how much they'd like to pay for the appointment!

Collaboration with community leaders

Our program's first step in de-stigmatizing mental health is increasing involvement of diverse groups. We continue to work with municipal and provincial Governments and non-profits to increase community discourse about mental health.

Care for the vulnerable

Mental healthcare is a right, not a privilege! We are on a mission to democratize access to care and make sure the most vulnerable have access to a high quality support system. If you are a political leader, we hope you consider joining our program for your citizenry.

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