Honest Connections

Imagine support groups, but totally anonymous while using technology to help build honest and heartfelt connections

What people are saying..

"Support groups just make me feel naked."

"It's not like I don't have people around me, it's just that they don't understand what I am going through."

"I don't just want to talk to someone that symptoms of anxiety, I want them to be at the same stage in life so we can relate!"

The problem with current support groups..

Generation Z has grown up behind screens where they can choose how to present themselves behind a curtain of comfortable anonymity. This has made it difficult for them to be comfortable with vulnerability, especially in person. Furthermore, folks who experience depression and anxiety are even less likely to seek in-person support. In the past, therapy was often coupled with support groups. However, 100% of the 200 people we interviewed deeply resonated with the statement: “Support groups make me feel naked”.

How Honest Connections is different?

Honest Connections offers a safe space allowing you to connect with someone without revealing your identities. You will be connected based on similar mental health backgrounds Best of all, we let you set the boundaries and rules while our role remains to make things as comfortable, safe and as productive as possible.
What people are saying..
The problem with current support groups..
How Honest Connections is different..

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