Empathy Notes

We are innovating the #1 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tool - Therapeutic Journaling by taking the things you like about traditional journaling and combining it with a guided and reflective approach.

What you may have been feeling...

“I want to try journaling but where do I even start, what do I even write down?”

"I did it for a while and started to get the hand of it, except it just got boring and kind of useless so I stopped."

"Sometimes I journal and it comes from a dark place in my mind, making it not very helpful and actually, at times, destructive."

Why Journaling is not working..

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is meant to help people feel more in control and overcome emotional trauma. Our research revealed that Generation Z individuals struggling with their mental health find the most recommended CBT exercise, which is therapeutic journaling to be confusing to start, a waste of time, and impersonal. Journaling is not something that adjusts to their reflection patterns. These claims were supported and echoed by licensed therapists during our interviews as well.

How Empathy Notes is different..

We employ a journaling feature that uses guided reflection methodologies and provides you a personalized, supportive feedback loop. The feedback loop is Emely – a coach equipped with emotional intelligence who can assess the user’s emotions and build insight through open-ended questions.  Each entry is a new learning experience where you will find things out about your mental health that you would never have thought of!
What you may have been feeling..
Why journaling is not working..
How is Empathy Notes different..

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