Digital Creator Co-op

Solve a critical need for millions and grow with a tight-knit experienced team!

September 2, 2022
Digital Creator Co-op

Hey there 😊

We are a team of 10 engineers, product designers and marketers fixated on eradicating isolation and loneliness. Our solution's impact has been transformational for folks experiencing loneliness.

Hear directly from people on how we have impacted them (1 minute)

Meet our team

Who we are 🏔

To us, what really matters is solving user pains and creating a world where loneliness is never a barrier for anybody. When you join our team, you'd be joining a talented, heartful group of people who lift each other up. Our team has prior experience working at Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Flybits, Government, Checkfront and Kijjijji.

If you are passionate about creating the solution to loneliness, let's chat!

A bit about you 🔥

  • Enjoy working on meaningful projects and are energized by lifelong learning
  • Live and breathe social media - Be it Instagram, Facebook, TikTok - You understand folks on these platforms and know how to engage with audiences
  • Are a self-driven content creator
  • Are comfortable receiving and giving feedback

What you’ll do ✔️

  • Develop creative digital content for our video based social channels (TikTok, YouTube and Instagram) to drive traffic to our app

What’s in it for you 🎉

  • Competitive salary ($25/hour)
  • Experience marketing solutions that have high impact in our community
  • Tons of design experience along with peer mentorship.
  • Solid projects and contributions for your portfolio/resume that you can discuss in interviews.
  • A diverse and friendly community at Honest Empathy!
  • If that wasn’t enough, this is a paid opportunity with the option to a permanent role.

What would mentorship look like 😇

At Honest Empathy our executive team will offer one-on-one mentorship to each student throughout the project. We will begin by understanding your professional and career goals and learn how this project can help you build skills to achieve your goals. Our team also runs knowledge sharing sessions and socials every week!

Our executive team and advisors have backgrounds in: Software engineering, Machine Learning, Technology Consulting, Product Management, Psychology and Clinical practice and Organizational Strategy.

We will open our network to each student and make introductions for them to learn more about their desired field.

Next steps 🚀

Please share the following to

  1. Your resume/portfolio/website, whichever is the best way for you to showoff your skills
  2. Your availability over the next week for a short interview

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