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We are on a mission to use cutting-edge technology to elimate isolation in the remote workplace.

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Our Story

Honest Empathy started with a mission.

The pandemic has sparked a Work-From-Home revolution that is here to stay. This transition has exacerbated social isolation and mental health issues among the remote Canadian workforce. Our team believes that social isolation does NOT have to be a necessary consequence of remote work.

The Honest Connections platform fosters deep connections between employees, cultivating a strong sense of belonging in the virtual workforce! We match folks based on shared experiences, struggles, and backgrounds, connecting you with someone who's a perfect fit to be your future friend!

Honest Empathy started when two friends got together during the pandemic to share their stories of anxiety, isolation, and depression. It has since grown to a flourishing team of bright individuals and forward-thinking partners, all sharing their vision to improve mental healthcare for millions of Canadians.

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Our Team's Guiding Principles


We lead by listening to the struggles of communities, and building groundbreaking solutions that move the needle!


We build solutions with safety, privacy and security as our top priorities. We stay accountable to our users and each other.


Our universe revolves around giving back to our users - we exist to alleviate the social isolation and mental health issues caused by remote work!


We strive for perfection because our users deserve the best. We are relentless in our pursuit of groundbreaking innovation.

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